Bordertown, created originally as a western set for the television show of the same name, remains a fully functional set today and has generated over $300 million dollars into the local economy.


Bordertown is a western movie set that is located 45 minutes outside of Downtown Vancouver at the end of 224th street, Maple Ridge. The town was built 20 years ago to resemble the 1800’s western era for the TV series, “Bordertown”, and has continued to be home to many more Television series and Feature Films. Such shows include “Dead Man’s Gun”, “Neon Rider”, “Gun Fighter’s Moon”, “White Fang”, “Highlander”, “Call Of The Wild”, “Peacemakers”, “The Colt”, “Earthsea”, “Kingdom Hospital”, “The Collector”, “Underworld 2”, “Masters Of Horror” , “Supernatural” and many more.

With over 20 different building structures and façades, including barns, churches, stores, cabins and a train station, the town has beautiful vistas of mountains, fields, ponds and trees that give it that secluded country feel.


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Other Filming Locations

Besides the dedicated filming location, there are many other areas of the farm used to film or support filming. The scenery and homes on-site appear in countless television and motion picture productions.

The Set

Bordertown consists of a western movie set with over 20 different building structures and facades, there is also considerable open forested space and access to large parking areas. We believe in fostering long term relationships with our friends in Film/TV  and welcome all requests via phone or email. 

Where you’ve seen it

Aside from being featured on the Bordertown series, the set has been used to film over 50 movies, television shows, and commercials. These include Supernatural, the X-files, Murdoch Mysteries, and many more!