Golden Eagle Farms' selection of highbush blueberries is carefully chosen to suit the Pacific Northwest region. Our berries typically begin to ripen in late June and continue through September.

Our Blueberries

We harvest a variety of BC’s famous blueberries during peak season which are carefully picked and rushed to our own nearby plant facility to preserve freshness. Here we are able to custom grade, size, pack, and label fresh or frozen blueberries to customer specifications. Once the berries are quality checked and packed they are delivered to markets across the globe.

Our Cultivation

Golden Eagle Farm is ideally located for blueberry cultivation. The beautiful surrounding Thompson and Cascade mountain ranges create the perfect sub climate that yields consistent, high quality crops every year. We plant the best highbush varieties for this climate and they are grown in rich soil, supplied with fresh water to create the world’s finest berries.

Our Customers

Golden Eagle Farms keeps the consumer in mind as we carefully monitor our blueberry growing environment, this allows us to comply with top quality and safety standards across the globe. The size and scale of our farm allow us to produce commercial quantities of blueberries but our family roots allow us to stay connected to our love of agriculture.