At the foot of the Thompson and Cascade mountain ranges in British Columbia flow alpine waters into the Golden Eagle Valley. Abundant wetland vegetation and perfect diurnal temperature variation help nourish our fields to grow superior cranberries.

Our Cranberries

Our cranberry varieties were chosen based on their strength in maximizing annual yield, berry size, and berry quality. Golden Eagle cultivates cranberries on clay-based bogs and harvests in early autumn.

Our Cultivation

Our Cranberries are harvested by flooding the bogs where they are planted. Golden Eagle then uses what we call “egg beaters” to gently rustle the berry off the vine. Cranberries float, so we can gather them into one area and transport them over to our cleaning and packing area of the plant. We then pack in large totes which are transported to Ocean Spray's warehouse for processing and use.

Our Customers

With over 1500 acres of cranberry bogs, Golden Eagle Farms is one of the largest growers in the world-renowned Ocean Spray Cooperative, with cranberry cultivars that include Stevens, Ben Lear, Gryleski, Pilgrim and Bergman vines.