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Golden Eagle Farms

Golden Eagle Farms are located in one of the most fertile areas of the world, the Pacific Northwest, and are surrounded by an abundance of freshwater streaming from the local mountains and snowpack. Our farms are built on the pillars of quality and innovation, with an overarching belief in respecting sustainable practices.

Our Farms


 One of the largest blueberry holdings in the world, with over 3,500 acres (planted and in development) in the Pacific Northwest, Golden Eagle Farms produces over 25 million pounds of blueberries each season, supplying consumers around the globe with delicious high-quality berries.


One of the largest members of the Ocean Spray Cooperative, Golden Eagle Farms boasts extensive cranberry bogs at the foot of the Thompson and Cascade mountains. Producing hundreds of thousands of barrels each season, much of the cranberry juice, sauce, and delicious dried cranberries you love are grown right here at Golden Eagle Farms.

Quality and Consistency

Golden Eagle Farms is committed to the highest standards of cold-chain management and traceability. Our temperature control process at our world-class production facility, and the proximity of our plant to our fields, ensures retention of firmness and flavour and ensures delivery of a delicious berry from field to table. Golden Eagle is also a single farm packer which means we can trace every berry back to one of our family-owned fields. Our commitment to quality means we only handle products we have grown ourselves. We do not purchase berries from other farms.

Local Roots & Global Focus

Several decades ago Luigi Aquilini emigrated from Travagliato, Italy, to establish a life for his family in Vancouver, Canada. Here, he founded Aquilini Group, a family-owned and operated collection of companies comprised of diverse holdings that span the globe. At the core of Aquilini Group is Luigi's passion for agriculture and farming. Named after the Golden Eagles that inhabit the region, Luigi built the first of Golden Eagle Farms in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia where our head office and packing facility are located today. Luigi’s roots remain in the soil of Golden Eagle as we strive to provide the best berries, worldwide.

We simplify the process of receiving fresh product on time.

Try us and you will taste the difference.
Client Focus

We work openly and directly with clients and have the ability to customize our operations to meet client needs.

Certified Professionals

At Golden Eagle Farms, we pride ourselves on professionalism and extend that commitment to each aspect of production.

Global Reach

We are able to utilize our vast resources to reach fresh and frozen clients across the globe and right at home.