Golden Eagle Cranberry Farm was created in 1998 to manage our large scale cranberry operation. We realized that our rich geology and moderate climate provided an unrivalled opportunity to grow superior cranberries.

At the foot of the Thompson and Cascade Mountains flow pristine alpine waters that carry the regionís natural vitality into the lakes and marshes of Golden Eagle Valley. Plentiful water levels and abundant wetland vegetation help nourish our fields and provide our foundation for growing superior cranberries.

Our weather provides the conditions to generate consistent annual harvests. Winters in the southern corner of British Columbia are mild with rain nourishing the fields throughout the year. Summers are usually warm and sunny; while fallís balmy weather promotes color development and berry size.

Our cranberry cultivars include Stevens, Ben Lear, Gryleski, Pilgrim, and Bergman vines to create a diversified portfolio. Golden Eagle is a proud member of the Ocean Spray Cooperative.