Selling a perishable commodity requires competence and speed within the farmís supply chain and distribution channels. By retaining a tight control over the farming process and staying close to all forms of transportation, Golden Eagle Berries can guarantee timely deliveries to its clients.

Within hours of harvesting, our blueberries are processed, packed, and shipped from our plant in Pitt Meadows on standard 40x48 inch pallets.

Due to the fragility of our fresh product, we use refrigerated reefer trucks outfitted with air ride suspensions to guarantee the smoothest possible ride.

In less than 90 minutes, Golden Eagle Berries can be: on the Trans-Canada highway or the American Interstate system, delivered to a major inter-modal yard at Vancouver International Airport or at the Port of Vancouver - Fresh from our farm to you.

Commercial quantities can be easily exported - fresh or frozen - locally within hours, or internationally within 2 days.