Our Blueberries:

Our cultivated highbush blueberries are sold in the form of fresh, bulk frozen, or juice stock. They are all marketed under our brand name “Golden Eagle Berries.” We also custom pack and label.

Fresh Blueberries:

Available from July to mid-September

We carefully pick our blueberries and the rush them to our nearby plant facility to preserve freshness. The berries are further cooled and then sent to the packaging department. Once packaged, the product is rushed to markets all over North America.

IQF Blueberries

Available year-round

Our daily goal is to have our berries cooled within 60 minutes of being harvested. They are frozen in our IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) tunnel and packed for storage. Once processed our berries are sized and graded to our customer’s specifications, and then packed in 20lb. poly-lined corrugated cartons. The packaged product is x-rayed to ensure no foreign material is present, thus maintaining the high standard of quality demanded by our customers.

We sort out our juice grade berries and then freeze them in poly-lined drums and ship them frozen.