The large scale of our operation and its unwavering commitment to quality form the cornerstone of what separates Golden Eagle Berries apart from its competitors.

All of our berries originate from our own fields, enabling us to oversee all stages of production, from growing, to pollinating, to processing, to packaging. This in turn, ensures the highest standards of quality, consistency, and control. Unlike many fruit wholesalers who buy from several small farms, our size and control allows us to regulate all aspects of production. In addition, our high volume in yields for both fresh and frozen blueberries gives you the security of season-long ad commitments and the luxury of buying directly from one main blueberry supplier instead of many smaller ones.

To satisfy the increasing expectations of today’s quality-conscious consumer, we regulate and maintain high standards of plant and fruit management at our processing plant in compliance to the specifications set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Our blueberries are also Kosher-certified with the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle. Our dedication to quality and health ensures we provide our consumers with the world’s finest berries.

Golden Eagle Berries is in a better position to supply your company with the highest quality blueberries in a timely manner and in constant supply. Upon harvesting, Golden Eagle Berries are scaled every 2 hours and brought to the plant promptly to secure berry excellence and longevity. Our state of the art facilities ensure that all of our fruit is delivered to the consumer with speed and integrity.

Golden Eagle Berries’ plant facility contains separate blueberry handling & packing area, including 3 fresh packing lines and CA storage. Our new IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) processing line also consist of de-stoning, washing, colour sorting, sizing, hand sorting for defects and x-ray of packaged product to ensure product is free from foreign material.