In order to provide you with a broad selection from which to choose, Golden Eagle Berries’ cultivar portfolio includes an extensive list of varieties.

Most of Golden Eagle Berries’ varieties are northern highbush blueberries. Examples are the Reka, a blueberry import from New Zealand, and the Northland, a cross between highbush and lowbush blueberries, better known as a northern half high.

Our portfolio of highbush blueberries was carefully chosen based on their suitability to our climate and their capacity to extend our harvest season. In effect, Golden Eagle Berries usually start ripening in late June and continue until the end of September.

Understanding the intricacies between each type of blueberries can be quite confusing. For that reason, we have provided below a list of our varieties from which you can learn more on its characteristics and harvesting period.

Blueberry Varieties and information
Blueberry Harvest Schedule